The IAG Army carries out tasks given to it by I Am Giant.

We currently have troops all around the world including Britain, America, Germany, El Salvidor, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand & Indonesia

Its primary task is to create a family like environment that makes YOU part of a team, with the main objective being to ensure that the music of I Am Giant reaches the people it was written for around the World.

These tasks may include:

Recruiting fellow Soldiers for the IAG Army, Suggesting IAG to friends on Facebook and Twitter, Phoning/Emailing/Texting radio stations and requesting IAG. Telling people around the World about IAG, Blogging on websites about IAG, handing out flyers/stickers and spreading information about news/competitions/activities/shows involving IAG.

The most important attribute a soldier can have is initiative.

Think outside the box.

Do whatever you can to promote I Am Giant, whenever you can , wherever you can.

The IAG Army’s strategic goals are under constant review to enable us to help deliver I Am Giant’s strategic priorities around the world

We at the IAG Army are interested in encouraging soldiers to rise through the ranks and become Corporals, Seargents, Lieutenants and eventually Captains.

These ranks are earned upon successful completion of Mission Objectives and by sheer determination and hard work.

More duties and responsibilities will be given to soldiers as they pass through the ranks.


The below benifits are designed to reward YOU, the Soldiers for your outstanding Courage,Valour and Patriotism to the world of I Am Giant.

We want you to share our journey.

Rewards, Benefits and Privileges can include:

Being the first to know about IAG News & Gigs, with first opportunities for Tickets etc
Exclusive updates on the bands recording and touring news
Signed EP’s
Discount Tickets and Merch
Merch selling opportunities
Signed Posters & Merch
Being first to receive the Albums
Access to Soundchecks
Back stage AAA passes
Watching shows from Side of Stage
Shoes & Clothing from our Sponsors
Meet & Greets
Your Name on the Inlay of our Album
Free Complimentary Album(s)
Back stage passes and dinner with the Band
Exclusive Officers duties
I Am Giant signed Platinum Album Plaque

plus much much more…

Benefits are in no particular order and are ranking sensitive.